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 AstroFlowGuard Bandwidth & Security Management


The AstroFlowGuard security and bandwidth appliance addresses security issues by incorporating a firewall, intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS and IDP), VPN Server, Bandwidth Management, and other security aware features in an easy to use, simple to deploy 1U rackmount security appliance, making this the most effective firewall appliance in the world.

AstroFlowGuard is a Linux-based multi-function tool for network engineers - it incorporates all the proven bandwidth management functionality of AstroFlow, but also incorporates a statefull firewall, intrusion detection system and vpn server. With it's user-friendly interface, automatic failover and smart recovery system, AstroFlowGuard is the complete tool for anyone wanting to manage bandwidth and network security.

AstroFlowGuard uses a hierarchical class-based system which when viewed through the AstroFlowGuard interface, provides a logical, intuitive view of your network classes along with their priorities.


 Core Features at a glance
  Full feature bandwidth management tool
  Web based user interface
  Enterprise security features - complete stateful inspection (dynamic packet filtering) firewall
  Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  Virtual Private Network (VPN) server
  Auto Update system
  Auto Failover feature

 Bandwidth Management
  Manage all popular P2P applications including Kazaa v2.x
  Manage traffic by IP Address / Subnet, Protocol or port
  Real-time reporting
  Time-based management
  Auto Configure feature

  Statefull inspection firewall
  IP Policy Routing
  Port forwarding / redirection
  Firewall Wizard
  Email Notifications

 Intrusion Detection System
  Over 1700 default intrusion detection signatures
  IDS Summary Reports
  IDS log search function

 VPN Server
  Intuitive account classification
  Assign static IP addresses or from a pool
  128 MPP for MS clients
  Multiple authentication methods including MSCHAP v2
  Session logs
  Data transfer statisitcs

 Hardware Features
  Intel Pentium 4 CPU
  1 Gig DDR RAM
  40 Gig ATA 100 HDD
  4 Intel Pro 100 NIC's (Upgradeable to 6 as required)
  LCD / Keypad Configuration
 Mainboard Features

The AstroFlowGuard Appliance currently costs $6495.00 plus shipping. Click here to contact us.


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