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 AstroFlow Installation Guide


 Recommended System Requirements

Celeron / PIII 500 or better
128MB or more RAM
5Gig or better HDD
2 Network Cards, the following are supported
Realtek 8139 A,B or C
Intel Ether Express 100
3Com 3C905X


 Important Notes
The AstroFlow install is designed to cater for most environments and systems, however AstroFlow may not run effectively on any system that does not have an Intel processor.

Please also take note that by installing AstroFlow you will lose all data on the hard drive.

After AstroFlow is installed, the only way to access the system is via the web based admin tool, there is no shell access and all hard drives are encrypted so they will not be able to be mounted on another Linux system.

In order to complete the install of AstroFlow, you need to be connected to the internet for AstroFlow to be activated, if you are not connected to the internet you will not be able to continue to use AstroFlow.

1  Download ISO image and write to CD.

Download the AstroFlow ISO image from here.
Write the ISO image to a CD with your favourite CD-writing application. (Select "burn image to CD")

2  Installing AstroFlow - Copying Files

Boot the computer with the AstroFlow CD.
Select the INSTALL option from the menu.
The installation will warn you that all data will be erased from the hard disk, after confirmation, AstroFlow will prepare the hard-disk and install all required files.


3  Installing AstroFlow - Configuration

Select the NETWORK option from the menu.
Follow the on-screen instructions to configure IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server.


4  Installing AstroFlow - Completion

After the config complete message, press enter to return to the network config menu.
At this point, you have the option to reconfigure your network settings or select exit to complete installation and reboot the system.


5  Installing AstroFlow - Network Placement

Plug AstroFlow in to your network directly in front of your default


6  Connect to AstroFlow via Web Browser

Go to another host on your network and point your web browser to
the IP address you assigned during the install (http://assigned-ip).

At this point you should be asked if you agree to the NetSoft.Inc license agreement. If you select yes here you will be asked for a DEMO licence key, this can be obtained via a link to NetSoft.Inc website on the page.


7  Initial Configuration

Once the DEMO has been succesfully activated, the AstroFlow intial configuration will continue, you are required to provide the following :
  i.  Local Subnet (multiple subnets can be input) - Once you have entered all the subnets, click "Done".
  ii. Admin username and password.
  iii. Select your configuration option (Auto Config or Manual Config).


8  Completing Installation

After selecting your configuration option, you will be presented with the AstroFlow login screen. Use your newly created administrator login to access the system.

9  Further Reading
  Refer to the AstroFlow Quickstart guide for an overview of how the system works.
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