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 AstroFlow Bandwidth Manager


AstroFlow is an easy to use, Linux-based bandwidth management tool. Netsoft have developed an intuitive interface resulting in simple to use yet effective control of your network traffic.

With little or no knowledge of bandwidth management or packet shaping, you can now use AstroFlow to manage the traffic on your network. With AstroFlow you can now prioritise certain protocols such as POP3, SMTP or ports used by your company database system - with these priorities set, you can guarantee that all your mission critical applications will have bandwidth available to them at all times, regardless of what other protocols are doing on your network.

AstroFlow uses a hierarchical class-based system which when viewed through the AstroFlow interface, provides a logical, intuitive view of your network classes along with their priorities.

AstroFlow is available for different bandwidth configurations and is priced according to the amount of bandwidth you need to manage. It is possible to upgrade your copy of AstroFlow to higher data rates at any time - you will simply pay the difference between your current version price, and your required bandwidth price.


 Features at a glance
  Web based interface
  Quick / Easy Installation
  Auto Configuration mode
  Auto protocol discovery
  Real-time reporting
  Different user levels
  Time-based management
  Auto Update system
  Auto Failover feature

 System Requirements
  Celeron / PIII 500 or better
  128MB or more RAM
  5Gig or better HDD
  2 Network Cards, the following are supported:
  Realtek 8139 A,B or C
  Intel Ether Express 100
  3Com 3C905X


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